ATX Friends.

Hello again! We spent the last weekend of our trip in Austin with friends- two nights without kids and then one night with all the families. It was so fun. We went out for girls night Thursday to a place called Suerte- I love my girlfriends there with all my heart. And then Friday night, all the couples went out, and then Saturday, Carrie and Zach had a pool party at their new house and it was just so fun to see all the kids and watch everyone play together. Saturday was certainly my favorite part of the weekend in Austin.


These two are like peas and carrots! They have so much fun together...


And Holden and Mary have a great time together too. Holden finds her a bit bossy- but they work it out. HA!

D and the boys.jpg

The Bennett and Barry boys! How cute are Rex and Weston? So sweet too.


B and his little mini, Rex. They look SOOOOO much alike.


The big Bennett and Barry boys- I think they both looks so handsome! 


And the four that started it all. We are all going to Montreal and Quebec City next Friday- cannot wait! Honey is coming so the kids will have fun too.

The gang.jpg

And we actually got a picture of the whole gang! I wish we had done one with all the gang and all the time!