Smidge Settles In.

We have had Smidge for about six weeks now, and he has really evolved in that time. The first couple weeks all he did was snuggle and get carried around from room to room. Perhaps part of that was because no one put him down, or perhaps he was nervous. In about week three, he got a lot more lively, quite a bit more confident, and he began to hide around corners just waiting to pounce when some poor victim rounded the doorway…he also stands down by the laundry room and meows loudly in the morning and in the evening when he wants his Fancy Feast. I suppose we spoiled him too early on- we leave him dry food- but he waits for the Fancy Feast. One day i tried to explain to Holden that he had food already- he would be fine- and she looked at me and said “But mommy. He wants his Fancy Feast.” So that’s that.

He is such a sweet cat and he means no harm, but he climbs all over the furniture, so poor Smidgey is going to lose his claws after we get back from Montreal. I feel bad about it, because I know it is painful, and also I feel it’s selfish, but I will be happy to let him roam the house during the day rather than coop him up in the laundry room once those claws are gone.

Anyway. I was in LA for work from Friday to Monday and man it felt good to be there. I used to go about once a month and I haven’t been since last October- almost a year! I miss the ocean breeze, the fashion/people watching and the amazing design. Plus- there are just a million great restaurants and bars and always things to do and people to see.

So then I got home Monday and Bennett had stayed home with Holden because she had a fever, so it was my turn to stay home Tuesday. So Holden and I took Smidge to the doctor for a round of shots before his claw reduction. She looks so big in these pictures, it almost kills me.

H and Smidge.jpg

She is growing out her bangs, as you can see, and it makes such a big difference. But she is so proud that she is growing out her bangs and wants her hair to be just like mine- which is the sweetest. She thinks I am so cool. And I know I have a limited time with that, so I’m soaking it in.

H and Smidge III.jpg

She loves that cat.

1st day smidge.jpg

And he’s pretty cute. I like him too. It’s really amazing how clean he stays. He’s always got shiny, soft white hair. Or fur. No hair.

Anyway, I write this as I sit on a plane with Bennett to Montreal. Honey flew in last night and the kids were very excited to see her- as was I. I had so much to do last night, but I would say to her before each thing “Will you come talk to me while i pack?” or “Will you come talk to me while I put the sheets on?” It’s always so fun to catch up with her. She has been helping a lot with my grandparents and now she is helping with my kids, so I’m hopeful that at least she gets some good sleep at night and she laughs a lot. :-)

Courtney and B are meeting us in Montreal tomorrow, and we have a week of really fun activities planned. For example, one day we are taking a cooking class taught in french. B said “Well, I think it’s great. We’ll either cheat by watching the people around us- or we’ll just try to get everyone drunk.” So as you can see- they vacation, and perhaps LIVE, a lot like we do.

Work has been so good. I would say that I have done some of my best work, or the work I am most proud of in the last six months. I had a major presentation a couple weeks ago that just couldn’t have gone better- and positive momentum continues to build. So I’m happy at work and happy at life and though there are certainly things that make me sad- sometimes I just pinch myself and thank God for this life I am getting to live.

Really the only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to maintain my weight- at least maintain it at a level I like. HA. I can say it’s lack of time, or lack of energy, and while those things are challenges- the truth is that it’s really not as high on my priority list as it should be. Right? That’s hard to say- but it’s the truth. So you know, I’m not thriving on everything.

Anyway- I won’t stress about it this week, but when we get back, I really need to get my rear in gear. It’s just hard. I actually am very tired, and I really do have a lot to juggle, but so does Beyonce. “You have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” That’s what I remind myself.

When I get back from Montreal- I have a week or two before I am going to speak at my first big conference in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I was asked to do this a few months back and I have been super impressed and flattered by the other speakers on the list. So while I will hate the networking- I HATE NETWORKING- I am making myself do it and I know it will be a good experience.

And Bebe is working out great so far. Knock on wood. And I made her a deal- I already have to pay more so she can go with my kids to our gym, so I said I would pay for a whole membership for her if she picked up some additional responsibilities for me. She was so thrilled- and I hadn’t even gotten to the list yet when I came home the other day and she had packed the kids lunches, swiffered the floors, emptied and loaded the dishwasher. Man that helps me out so much. Plus, I feel like if I can help her out with something like that- I’m happy to. She still sends money home to her mother in Ghana. And she is working through her masters degree while living with a family from her church. So you know- I may be a little overweight but I got it easy.

Anyway- that’s a lot of thoughts for tonight. I’ll post picture during my trip- or when I get back. Love to you all!