You Crossed the Wrong Cat.

So everyone loves Smidge. Seriously- we are all obsessed- he has been the best addition to the Bennett family. He's smart, he's sweet, he's playful, and he's pretty low maintenance. He uses his litterbox, he is pretty good at just climbing things he is supposed to climb...but there is one small problem. He sneaks up and pees on Bennett while he is sleeping. SERIOUSLY. He has peed on him twice and pooped on him twice. And he hasn't had any other accidents- but as Bennett said "This is no accident!" 

So, somehow Smidge must sense that Bennett didn't originally want a cat, but it's a bit sad (and a bit comical) because Bennett loves him and is always cleaning his litterbox and trying to do right by him. Guess he's got to really prove himself. Guess he crossed the wrong cat. :-)

Anyway- last night was really fun. It was gorgeous out so we just went out in the front yard and let Smidge and the kids run around. Holden was working on cartwheels and Davis and Bennett played catch, and I just enjoyed a sparkling water on the front steps. Then, though it was later than we normally start a big dinner, Holden and I prepped some sweet corn and made sweet corn and pork chops. It was really fun. Holden ate TWO ears of corn. She wanted a third but I was worried she would get constipated. HA. 

H Corn 2.jpg
H corn.jpg


This weekend will be fun too- our friends live on a lake and are having a party called the "Summer Spectacular". They are having it catered and are having a DJ and karaoke- I cannot wait! We are going with the Ohmes, so the kids will hang at the Ohmes with two sitters (Lord give them strength). And then Sunday Davis is having a play date with Claire! Finally! I set it up- and he is so excited.

Then next weekend we head to Texas and it couldn't come sooner. I need a vacation!