Honey's House Part II.

We had so much fun at Honey's house- it gets two posts. 

pool time.jpg

Their excitement when they saw all the fun floats was so great to see. I was joking with Bennett that basically there were 3 cool floats for every person. :-)

surf board.jpg

We also introduced Davis and Holden to the local candy shop. They thought they had died and gone to heaven. And my mouth watered looking at all the treats.


Honey also had flash tattoos and of course there was tons more swimming with Nikki- which was a highlight for sure.


While we stayed at Honey's house- there were some guests in the guesthouse that wanted to use the pool one day...so of course Honey wasn't going to tell the kids they just couldn't swim...so instead we drove to San Antonio for the day and stayed at La Cantera. It was such a treat for all of us. Holden wanted to move in and I said I would join her. Honey also took them school shopping- and it was really the first time that we took them in, had them try on clothes, and it was so special. Holden had a grin from ear to ear. You could tell she felt like a million bucks and Davis did too. I told Holden we would make a No, a Yes, and a Maybe pile. The first few items went directly into the "Yes" pile and then she looked at me and grinned and said "I think it's all going to be a Yes, mom." It reminded me of the time my grandma took me shopping at the Gap- in probably the 2nd or 3rd grade. We picked out so many things and I remember glowing from inside out because I felt so special. 


New light up tennis shoes and an armful of clothes. She was so proud...she loved that the bag was so big and heavy.

lupe tortilla.jpg

Can't mess around with the sunscreen in Texas...

Oh and my mom found this picture of my dad and held it up next to Davis. They don't look as much alike as say Nikki and my dad, but it's really sweet to see some resemblance. Davis loved the comparison.

D and Tommy.jpg

Speaking of Davis, he is still head over heels about Claire. I picked them up from camp Monday and he was like "Can we please go watch Claire's gymnastics meet? It's happening right now!" They both wanted to go so badly- so sure enough, we stopped by and watched her and I felt like a real stalker. Ha. The things you do for your little lover boy.

Anyway- tomorrow is their last day at camp and he has been begging me all week to take him to find a ring to give her- and he wants to open it in front of her like Alfalfa does on Little Rascals. He kills me. So tonight- I guess we will be trekking out to Claire's at Mall of America to find something that meets his vision.