Texas 2018.

Well, we're back from Texas...and it's always a bit hard to transition back so I'll just spend a little more time reliving our adventures. I'll break this trip into three parts: San Antonio, Honey's House, and Austin.

We flew in on Saturday and drove straight to Kirsten's house. It was so fun to spend the day with Kirsten, Chad, Andy and Frances. The kids play so well together so Kirsten and I just get to hang out and catch up. We're planning on sending Andy and Davis to overnight camp together next summer. We also got to go see their new house- it's going to be beautiful. It's an old mission style San Antonio home and it has a beautiful pool, huge vaulted ceilings and so much space for entertaining. 

The Pearl was so fun- we went to the food hall and the kids played in the splash pad. It was perfect. On the way to the airport yesterday, Holden said "I just wish I got to see Frances one more time..." 

pearl 1.jpg
pearl 2.jpg

It was a beautiful night. And that is saying a lot, considering it is Texas in August. 


They caught several frogs- YUCK!

H and F.jpg
boys and kirsten.jpg

So much fun- and that was only our first day! We cover a lot of ground while we're there...so many more pictures to come!