Hello Bebe

So, this summer has panned out a bit differently than planned. Back in January, I took a leap of faith and signed D and H up for a few camps outside of their normal Kids Club summer routine. Sometimes getting D adjusted to new places and people can prove to be very stressful and unsuccessful- but I had a feeling they could get more out of the summer if they weren't at the school every day and I have not been overly impressed with the schedule and staff at Kids Club lately. 

Fast forward to the first week of June when they were at Kids Club and we quickly realized how much the Kids Club staff was OVER Davis. And because of that- we very quickly became so OVER them. So fast footwork happened and we pivoted D and H into a bunch of different camps and they have been more successful than I thought. Hallelujah. But because school also starts 2 hours earlier and ends two hours earlier this year- and the aforementioned issues with Kids Club- I had also started to think about getting some extra help via a nanny.

My hope was that this would keep them from sitting in the gym from 2:30-6:00, that it would allow them to do more outside activities, and that we could avoid the friction at Kids Club. 

So I have been interviewing people all summer and I think we have found the right person. I am super hesitant to commit to that because I have been burned and surprised by nannies before- but she is on trial this week and next (again to get kids out of kids club) and so far it is going great. Her name is Bebe, she's super energetic, very outgoing, not easily frazzled and she is an athlete. When I said that Davis can be a challenge when he doesn't have things to do- she said "Oh don't worry about that- I'll work him out." HA.

So anyway- Bebe is there this week and next and I am hopeful that this will be a great fit for now and the fall too. Please cross your fingers or say your prayers.