Vacation Brain.

So we don't leave till Saturday- but I'll just be real brain has been shutting down little by little every day this week heading into vacation. The good news is- if nothing else, I am an extremely productive person, so I probably accomplished as much as most people in a normal week on Monday and Tuesday- but the bad news is...I'm just waffling around the office, chatting with people, looking at clothes online, seeing what home renovations people are doing on Pinterest...I just have vacation brain. And really there is nothing I can do to fight it.

In my previous job, I traveled 1-2 times a my new job, travel for work is rare and random, so I am realizing that I get a little stir crazy and I am at the point now where I need to get out of here!! :-) I guess it's also a Midwest thing. Everyone takes time off in October, over spring break, and in August- to catch the last bit of summer before fall sets in...

Anyway- I'm excited and so are the kids. Holden's favorite thing to do is pack and she has asked me every day if she can start packing. I did a monster load of laundry last night so I said she could start putting a few things aside tonight. I also told her we could practice gymnastics again as she is newly obsessed with getting on the competitive gymnastics team. 

Bennett gets home tonight- he has been in Seattle all week- so that will be fun too. Last night we went to the pool after I picked them up from camp - tonight I'm hoping we all just hang out.