Summer Spectacular.

I forgot to mention that the title of the last post was a quote from Holden when I was explaining to her that they have Kici Yapi outdoor camp this week, we go to Texas next week, when we come back they have another week of Lifetime Fitness camp, and then we go to the Ohme's lake house for Labor Day. She was so excited, saying "This really is a fun summer!"

Anyway. Saturday night we were invited to some fairly new friends house on Lake Riley. They are friends with Sarah and Nate and we hit it off with them right away. She is a lawyer, he is in Ops, they are both Christians, and yet, they are also pretty irreverent, which is always great by me and Davis. :-) So we have had family dinner nights and date nights and in July they invited us to their first annual party called "Summer Spectacular"- and it really was spectacular. They live on the lake so we had a beautiful beach front party, there were boat rides, games, stand up paddle boards, lily pads, an open bar, catering, a DJ and a KARAOKE MACHINE! We had the time of our lives. It was just so much fun...I didn't really remember to get any pictures. Oops.

Then this week, the kids have been at Kici Yapi camp, which is about 25 minutes from here- and it is put on by the YMCA. It sounds/feels like a traditional camp to me- they swim, do archery, fish, cook out, etc. And so of course I figured this would be Davis' favorite camp of the summer- but "THEY ARE SO STRICT THERE, MOM!" he says. Just goes to show- you can plan as well as you can but at the end of the day- it's all a crap shoot anyway. Ha.

Day One:

KY Camp.jpg

So maybe Davis didn't get the best haircut of his will grow out.

Day Two:


So, we have three more days of work and camp, and then we head to Texas! I cannot wait to see friends and family and spend so many days doing nothing but swimming and eating watermelon and starburst and drinking Coronas. I need a break! Okay, gotta run. More tomorrow.