"This really is a fun summer!"

I have really enjoyed this summer. I feel like in some ways it is the first summer that we have truly lived here. We know all the places, we signed up for all the things- I planned ahead and the kids had so many fun camps and activities, we have friends and almost too much to do on any given day, and we've also had time to just swim and walk down to the creek, check up Minne bucket list items, set up play dates, ride bikes, all the things that make summer so great. Oh and we got a cat named Smidge, whom three of us love so much we can't even stand it. 

This past Saturday was fun- we had breakfast downtown at a cute little diner called Barbette, and then we took D for a haircut at Floyd's. Everyone there has tattoos and colored hair- so D and H really loved that. We went and bought colored hair spray afterwards so they could live on the edge a little...at least for 24 hours. :-)


Look at that mop top!

He had to lose his shirt- almost loses his mind every time he gets a haircut due to the itchy hair shavings. I always feel like I've survived a battle when we finish getting his haircut.

It just so happens that one of the items that has been on Holden's Minne bucket list was right down the street...the giant chairs sitting in front of a giant corporate building. HA! She was thrilled to finally sit in them...and we got a pretty cute picture out of it too!

D and H.jpg

It was really a fun morning...and then that night we went to an incredible party at our friends' house on Lake Riley. Then on Sunday we finally had a playdate with Davis' new summer crush, Claire. But I will post about that tomorrow! Hope you are enjoying the last month of summer as much as we are! Exciting things ahead!