Rolling Stone.

It has been almost a month since I posted. June has been a whirlwind, to say the least. We went to Chicago, I went to Vancouver, I gave a talk to 1500 people in Orlando, and then last week I went to Mexico City to visit Best Buy Mexico. Oh and we also had two sets of visitors: Nikki and Kirsten and Chad. It has been such a fun month- but it has flown by in a hot minute. This was my first full weekend home- with just the four of us. And this will be my first full week in the office since the third week of May.

And next week, on Tuesday, Carrie, Zach, Porter and Mary Mae are coming for five days. Needless to say, most nights, I have been falling asleep around 9:00 pm.

Most things in June have been fun. Some things have been less fun. My grandmother was back in the hospital- though she is back out and I understand from the doctors that if she paces herself, she will be back to herself in the next few months! And I have also been paying close attention to the immigration situation- and it is really weighing me down. I have never felt so ashamed of my country and the people in charge. I have never questioned our future or the position of humanity as much as I have in the last week. The way we have handled the families that are in such horrible situations that they are willing to carry their newborn children, and only their children, because they can bring nothing else...with them as they traverse a month long journey with no promise of help or nothing short of appalling. Where is the human decency? And for those, like Jeff Sessions that are quoting the bible, I just want to throw up. If you know ONE thing about Jesus- it's that he is about love and acceptance and he says "Let the children come to me..." Seriously- I can't really talk about it too much without feeling sick.

Being in Mexico City as all of this was happening was especially difficult. I felt I owed them all an apology. And the irony is sooo is Trump calling them animals and saying they cannot "infest" our country- and truly, the people of Mexico have far better manners and are far more gracious than we are in America. WE are the animals. TRUMP and his people are the ones infesting this great nation. It just makes me sick.I have zero tolerance for it.

Anyway- 90% of June has been amazing. So I will try to focus on that. Gotta choose joy- and focus on that- while not ignoring the rest. Gotta do your best to help the rest.

This past weekend was SO fun because we had zero plans and nothing but was awesome. We hung out at the pool- Holden jumped off the diving board for the first time! We grilled out, we did some yard work, we played with walkie was just awesome and relaxing. Here are some pictures!


Bennett and I at Surly Brewery- we took Kirsten, Chad and the kids there. They have a great outdoor space- so it was really fun for all of us.


Kirsten and I- we went to dinner at Martina and it was incredible.


The cathedral in downtown Mexico City.


One of the main government buildings in downtown Mexico City.


These beautiful live green walls were spotted all over the city- so gorgeous. Honestly- Mexico City was far more green and beautiful than I ever expected. There are certainly some very poor parts- but I expected that. I was more shocked by how clean, safe and cosmopolitan the rest of the city was.


The food wasn't so bad either. We ate so much seafood and avocados and I'm sure we left much heavier than we arrived. HA!


Holden loves this new pineapple drink holder she got this weekend. "It's fancy and it's like a disco ball, mom!"

pool time.jpg

Davis was coaching her on how to jump off the board- it was really sweet. She was so proud.


And tonight Holden wanted to make some blueberry muffins to have for breakfast tomorrow. She is growing up so much- she loves to make her own lunch- this morning she made her own bed, without being asked, and completely unprompted. And she is growing out her bangs- hence the shaggy hair. :-)