So I have been debating switching Davis and Holden into our neighborhood school for the last three months. I haven't loved the communication with his teacher- and while that is probably pretty common- the difference with the program the kids are in is that you have the teacher for 3 years. So, I've been fed up with lack of communication, and I haven't wanted Holden to be in the same class as Davis, which is also part of the program (just for a year) so I started to look into our neighborhood school. But all along, I was also quite a bit nervous about making a switch because- for all of my complaints- Davis has a great IEP manager who meets with him one on one- and he is really happy and confident- which hasn't always been the case. And of course, Holden is happy and has made friends too.

So I've been really torn. And I've researched and read up on each school, and I've talked to the principals and the IEP teachers, and I've prayed about it, and I've asked literally everyone's opinion...but today I was stressing and praying about it and I just asked for a very clear sign...

Anyway- fast forward to this evening when the boys went to jiu jitsu and Holden and I went to return some things at the mall. I could have gone to our neighborhood mall- that's what I would typically do- but instead I decided to go to the Mall of America. So we shopped around- I have a charity gala this week for work and needed to find a dress- and then we walked upstairs because Holden insisted on going to see the kids shoes. We were there no longer than five minutes when her teacher walked by. 

Ms Paulsen has had both Davis and Holden and she is my favorite teacher, period. So we know her well enough and Holden is always telling her stories about our girls night out and Ms Paulsen has always joked that she wants to join us. So, when Holden asked if she could join us for dinner, she did. It was really fun and easy to talk about things- and I told her a bit about my struggles with the school decision. 

I let her know that I have talked with the school and got Davis moved into the upper class- so he won't be in the same room with Holden, but they would be in the same school "family". And I told her that I actually wasn't that worried about Davis, but more worried about Holden, and whether or not she would be a good fit for the multi-grade classroom next year.

And she was the first person, that without asking, looked at me and said "You know Sam- Matt Gabrielson (the guy that will be Davis' new teacher next year) is probably the best teacher at Highlands. He is incredible. If you can get him in his class- that's amazing And I'm not worried about Holden. Actually- there is such a gap between kindergarten and 1st grade- that we spend a great deal of time assessing kids and making sure they have the extra help they need- so there will be lots of focus and she will be okay." And then without me even asking, she said:

"If I were you- I would give it one more year and reassess the situation."

And then I said "You know, one other bad thing is that I wouldn't be able to keep having Jessie as Holden's tutor..."(there is a rule that you can't tutor kids that you also teach at school).

Anyway- the conversation ended and then I went home and told Davis about it and he looked at me funny and said "that's crazy. talk about an answered prayer." And the real crazy thing is- I hadn't even thought about it in that way. But seriously- hours earlier I had said "Please God- just give me clear direction. Something I can't mistake..." and then all of that transpired.

AND THEN, she texted me and said "Thanks for dinner, Sam. That was so fun. And also- if Holden needs a tutor next year- I would be interested..."

So how about that? :-) So awesome. I feel very relieved.