Hot Time in the City.

Well friends, I've basically been on a blog break. My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital and I don't know if it was my subconscious at work- but somehow I took the time that she was not home off. Anyway- she's back home and doing well and I'm ready to get back into sharing the day to day highs and lows of the Bennett four. HA. 

This past weekend was a definite high...a couple weeks ago I was feeling stir crazy and I suggested we go to Chicago for Memorial Day. I really don't travel as much with my new role- and I guess I miss that a bit. So, I booked some hotel rooms and we drove to the city for the weekend. Now. That is a long drive. 7 hours door to door. By the end of each drive- we were about ready to kill each other. But- by the end of the weekend in Chicago- we all agreed it was worth it.

We went there without any plans- so there was really no pressure. And for being there about 40 hours- we really did a lot! We walked Michigan Avenue, we went to Navy Pier, we took a boat cruise on lake Michigan, we ate dinner on Rush Street, we ate at Yolk, and we even had a little time to swim. Our first hotel had an indoor pool- but it was a crazy temperature high this weekend so I looked up a hotel with an outdoor pool and cancelled our reservation for the first night, booked a new one instead, and we were able to spend a little time at the rooftop pool on Saturday. It was so hot! The kids had a great time and said their favorites were the candy store and the face fountains in Millennium park. Here are some pictures!


They call this their smolder. And then try to see who can smolder better. If one breaks- they shout "You broke my smolder!"


The only bad thing about this great picture is the Trump sign in the background. BARF.


Boat tour!


Smolder for Davis, smooches for Holden.


Holden really likes to do things like me these days. She BEGGED me to let her carry my purse around the city Saturday night...also she begged me to buy her this special pink, sparkly lip gloss we saw that day and she reapplied all night. The next day she was getting ready, putting on her lip gloss and then she started to complain about her eye lids burning. Over and over...finally I said "Well what could it be? Did you put anything different on your eyes?" And she finally confessed that she had put the lip gloss on her eyelids so they could sparkle too. So sweet. But a painful lesson to learn for sure. More tomorrow.