I haven't ordered new glasses in a couple years- I have been waiting to either get Lasik or learn to put contacts in my eyes. Neither have happened so I finally went to the eye doctor and then I finally ordered some new glasses and then I finally picked them up today. And I forgot that my prescription has gotten stronger and it is as though I am seeing in 3D. It's a bit intense and I hope I get used to it. Today, at Target, I was standing literally at the back corner of the store and could see all the way across to the other side and actually READ the signs hanging in the grocery section that said "Yogurt. Milk." Etc. Pretty amazing what keeping up with your health can do. 

I also went to the dentist this week. I had two cavities and I chipped a tooth, which made me feel really old...so I got all of those things fixed. There is almost nothing I like less than going to the dentist. BLAH. My dentist looks like a Ken doll. That's not a compliment or a dig- just a comment. He literally looks just like a Ken doll. Same body shape. Same hair. Same tan color. Year-round.

Anyway- enough of that...more Tulum pictures.


Lots of orange in these pictures! This day we went to Akumal and tried to swim with sea turtles. So many people saw sea turtles. We saw each other's feet flipping around. We had fun anyway- and stopped for lunch at the best little beach side restaurant and ate guacamole and strawberry popsicles. 

More tomorrow!