We spent all afternoon mulching yesterday- I am so sore today. You kind of forget how many compromising positions you can find yourself in while trying to spread mulch across huge areas. It was HARD work. And the only things that kept me going were 1) it was 82 degrees and felt amazing and 2) i knew i was burning at on of calories. 

Yesterday was actually really fun- we got a lot of work done (I'll take a picture and post it) and then we went down the street to eat at a cute little restaurant called "Salut". You would have thought we were on vacation- we ordered beer, we had appetizers, we indulged in french baguettes with Brie. We really felt we had earned it and our spirits were in keeping with the temperature- high! It was a great night. Actually it was a great weekend.

Friday night we watched my friend, Sofya's little baby, Mia. We had so much fun but oh my Lord any thoughts about having just one more went out the window. You forget how much freedom you have until you have a little baby that likes to be held non-stop...but how cute is she?


Then Saturday, Holden had the cutest little friend over, Emmett. They rode bikes together and played so sweetly- it was really great. Davis was having a hard time letting her have her own play date- but in the end, he did give them some space. 

Davis had a stomach bug this weekend- so his weekend was pretty dull but he did get to play a lot of ipad and also got a new lego set...because he missed other fun things, like going to my friend Ellie's little girl's 2nd birthday party! 

Those are my friends, Alisa and Ellie. Ellie is currently interviewing for my old job- I hope she gets it because we would get to see each other every day instead of every once in a while. She lives WAY north of the cities...

And then yesterday, little D and I stayed home (stomach bug) while Bennett and Holden went to Brook's first communion brunch. It was so sweet of them to invite us- it was only family and then the two of them. Holden has always loved Brooks- and this picture sums up their personalities well.


More later!