Bennett Boys.

This has been a busy week! I haven't even had time to catch up on last weekend...

The boys had a jiu jitsu tournament in Minneapolis- it was really fun to watch. I've actually never seen little Davis get nervous and I could tell by his face, sitting in the stands, that he was very nervous about his matches. 


But they both did really well- neither tapped out- and they fought long and hard in each of their 3 matches. Holden and I were in the cheering section- and also Nate and Bennett came to watch. 

Boys 1.jpg

Looking tough, heading out for the tournament.


Then Saturday night, Bennett and I went out with some friends for dinner. It has been so nice out here- it's really fun to be outside and downtown instead of being frozen, huddling up at home.

date night.jpg

And then Sunday we ran some errands and most importantly- we got the kids new bikes!


Holden picked a red Schwinn and Davis picked a blue schwinn- and they want to ride bikes ALL THE TIME. It's really fun- and it's an activity I love to do. I still have to walk because Holden needs help quite a bit- but we will get to the point (soon i hope) where we can do a true family bike ride. I'll post more pictures this weekend!