Tuesday Musings.

New Classes:
Today I signed the beans up for two cool after school classes- STEM on Monday and Cartoon drawing on Wednesdays. They will run from 4:15-5:15 and I think it will be a nice way to break up the regular schedule of after school Kids Club. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math...so I think that will be good for both of them...and cartooning certainly sounds fun! 

A Good Night:
Tonight was a good night- we all went to the grocery store, the boys carried everything in, and then Holden helped me unload the groceries and think about what we could do for dinner. We had dinner at "the family table" as Holden calls it and though we each ate from our own distinct menu, it felt like a really great family dinner. We talked a lot about things we love and things we could work on. And the kids have made it very clear that the things that would make our family better are either 1) a bulldog or 2) a baby. Outlook is not so good on either of those. Guess we will have to work on other things. HA.

This Weekend:
The boys are doing their first jiu jitsu tournament together- and it's here in the Twin Cities- so we will all get to watch! I cannot wait to see them in action. Then Saturday night Bennett and I are going out to dinner with Kelley and Zach (Elsa's parents). I'm excited- we are going to try this new restaurant called "Hai Hai" that I have heard is great.

Work Friends:
When I moved to my new role at work, I left behind my team. And all of my daily laughter and joy. Okay- that's extreme. I still love my job- but I miss my team. SO, the good news is that two of my teammates are moving on to my team and will move to sit where I do TOMORROW! I can't wait. I know that sounds silly- but I really like do better when I'm having fun. :-) Now if I could just get my friend Jackie to sit by me. That would be the best. Oh and also, one of my first and closest friends here, Ellie, is interviewing for my old role. I worked with her at my very first job in Minneapolis- and we had so much fun talking together every day. I would be so thrilled if she got the job. Cross your fingers!

It was really hard to come home Sunday. SO MUCH SNOW. We broke every record in the book for this time of year in Minnesota. Some places got 20 inches. That's crazy- even in February. I'm hoping it melts fast so we can get on to spring. I mean that is the toughest part about it- the longer it takes- the shorter the summer is. Fall already gets here way before you want it to- so we don't need it to start late. So COME ON MOTHER NATURE.

That's all I got for today! Happy Tuesday.