Me, Me, Me

My grandparents remind me that I rarely post pictures of myself...and that's true...but today I give you a post that is 100% about ME! I went to Houston on Thursday to see Katie, my best friend from college, and then I went to Austin on Saturday to celebrate Jodie, my godmother's, 50th birthday party. It was the best weekend and made me seriously start thinking about moving back. It just feels so good to be with family and friends that feel like family. SO PLEASE, ENJOY ALL THESE PICTURES OF ME! :-)

sam and katie.jpg

Katie and I met 19 years ago as potluck college roommates. She and I shared a room for four years and know each other THAT well even today. GEEZ, that makes me feel old.

nik and sam.jpg

The reason for the party- Jodie, celebrating her 50th. Damn does she make 50 look good, or what? I love her so much.

sam and mas.jpg

Her first child, and my almost little sister, Mason. 

sam and mas II.jpg
nikki andsam.jpg

I didn't really have fun at all.