Cinco De Mayo.

We are having our 4th annual Cinco De Mayo party this year. The first year we did it we had 6 people attend. The second year, 18, last year 23, and this year we have invited FIFTY people!!! I am expecting about 35 to come. Honey is flying in to keep the kids overnight at a hotel - so excited about that- and I'm hoping this year is even more fun than last. I DO feel like it will all be inside this year- which is really a bummer...last year we rented tables and chairs and set up the back patio with lights and candles and it was a beautiful spring evening...

Considering we still have snow- I'm not being overly optimistic about getting to be outside this year. It will be packed inside- but it will be nice. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime- more Tulum pictures!! I took so many.


Holden wanted to take a bunch of selfies and she had me laughing so hard with the faces she was making...


More tomorrow. I really took a LOT of pictures. I wanted to capture every moment.