I was presenting to a room of 200 people on Friday when my phone rang from my pocket. I reached down, made a joke about who might be calling me, silenced my phone and kept right on going. During the 10 minute break in the session, I looked down and my mom had texted saying the school had called and Holden was sick. So I called and sure enough- they said she had a fever of 102. I was 1/3 way through my presentation and Bennett was unreachable...

So, I asked my coworker to finish the other two parts, and went to get Holden. I had a feeling that she had strep. She had been so crabby last week and I felt like maybe her voice sounded thicker than normal- so I followed my intuition and took her to the walk in strep clinic at the doctor's office. Within a minute or two- they said "Yep, she's positive..."

The only good thing about strep is that once you get the antibiotic- you start feeling better. She is so sweet, though, even that same night, she was smiling, though she was sick.


What a sweetheart. I'm so glad her hair is short again- her cheeks look a bit chubbier and that makes her look younger. :-)