Baby Love.

Jackie and I threw a Sip n See for our friend Sofya, this weekend. It was so fun- just a nice time chatting with the ladies from my former team, drinking cocktails, getting some baby snuggles- and having the house to myself all day. Bennett was a champ and took the kids to an all day wrestling tournament with the girl of little Davis's dreams (Amaya, from Jiu Jitsu) and her dad. It was a really nice break!


A few of the gals from my team! That is Jackie in the back and Sofya in the lower right- they are probably my closest gal pals from work.


I have wanted to order custom cookies from this cute little lady with a business called "The Polka Dot Cookie" and I finally did for this shower. They were beautiful and SO tasty. Karmia Eve is the baby's name. She goes by Mia.


So of course we needed Sofya champagne to go with the Mia cookies!