Ahhh, Tulum.

Tulum was amazing. Beautiful, relaxing, exciting, exotic...we had a great time. Words don't do justice- so here are some pictures. I'm so glad we went.

tulum 6.jpg

The beans could swim for days- and they did!

tulum 0.jpg
tulum 4.jpg
tulum 3.jpg

There were iguanas everywhere- and this one, let the kids touch his tail. They named him Guillermo and would see him by our room about three times a day.

tulum 2.jpg
tulum 9.jpg
tulum 7.jpg

These children are so spoiled. They got used to having virgin strawberry daquiris everyday and don't know what to do without them now that we're back.

tulum 10.jpg
tulum 11.jpg
tulum 12.jpg

AND now we're back. And it's SNOWING. BARF.