Friday Wishes.

Today, I am wishing:

- For continued warm weather in Minneapolis- it's been hovering between 30 and 40 and it feels nothing short of amazing. I haven't worn a coat- I've walked with a skip in my step- and it feels as though we might have made it through the worst!

- Trump will continue to unravel- and soon be out of office.

- That the Sip n See I am hosting on Saturday afternoon will be a success.

- That we all get along and it's a very low key, low stress weekend. Davis has been in a great space this week so I'm hoping that holds through the weekend. Holden, on the other hand, has been so tired and crabby, I've wondered if she is getting sick. I hope not.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll post more pics later this weekend or Monday! Love to you all.