I Heart Arizona.

Okay, I'll be honest. I have always kind of thought that Florida, Arizona and New Mexico are kind of the grossest states in the US. Just kind of hot, sweaty states, without any sort of interesting outputs and with more than enough bad fashion. So, if you had told me five years ago that I would look forward to, and even LOVE, time in Arizona every year, I would say that you were crazy. BUT IT's TRUE! 

The heat, the sunsets, the quick and easy plane flight (when your plane isn't delayed and then eventually cancelled like mine was on the way out there- but that's another story) the resorts, the shopping, the HEAT! I love it all. I would like to go there more often. I am ALL IN on what Minnesotans call "God's Waiting Room". I get it. I'm in.


This is a blurry picture from the porch of the CEO of Great Clips house- it was lovely and like a resort. I could have just moved right in. I went to a cocktail hour with Davis there and it was awesome to meet his co-workers and acquaintances. They all had such good things to say about him, and I was thrilled to watch him make people laugh and work the room. I am so proud of him.


And I surprised myself and joined him for the Phoenix Open too. Surprising myself is one of my guiding principles for 2018 (and beyond) but that is another post. Anyway- I had fun when I was with Davis, I enjoyed the silence when I was alone, and I also made two new girlfriends in the lazy river of the pool on Friday. We drank cocktails and floated all afternoon. They invited me out that night for dinner, but I already had plans. New friends are so fun.

And we have HONEY to thank for this breath of fresh air- she kept the kids and not only that- she helped with everything she could get her hands on. Laundry, errands, grocery stuff, fixing little things here and there, letting us sleep in when we got back. IT WAS AWESOME. SHE IS AWESOME. I am super thankful. So are the beans.


Love you all!