Figure Skating.

Holden has been as obsessed with Olympic figure skating as I as when I was little. So, you can certainly guess why she has been DYING to go ice skating the past two weeks. I know that she believed with every fiber of her being that once she stepped foot on the ice, she would be able to skate and dance and jump like the gals we have been watching each night. She and Davis both BEGGED to go- so when it was sunny and 30 degrees on Sunday- we went. And it was so fun.

We skated with them for about an hour and then took a hot chocolate break. After that, they went back out and skated more while Bennett and I chatted in the warming house. It was an awesome way to spend an afternoon and now I know I could bring a book or work and just check on them occasionally while out on the ice. And they were GREAT little skaters.

Davis was good last year- but Holden really picked it up this year. They were pretending to speed skate and figure skate and they both just zipped all over the lake. It's so fun to skate outside- much better than a rink. I think Holden is a little winter sports fan- she has really taken to both skiing and ice skating. They both left the lake saying they wanted to sign up for hockey! ZOINKS. Here are some pictures!

ice 5.jpg

Unprompted PROM POSE!

ice 7.jpg
ice 1.jpg
ice 4.jpg

THOSE TEETH coming in. Braces are on the horizon. :-(

ice 6.jpg
ice 3.jpg
ice 2.jpg

It was a lot of fun- a great way to be outside and enjoy the bold north. And today it's 35 degrees and man it feels like the whole damn world is my oyster.