Look out, world.

Well somebody lit a fire under my ass this week- and part of me wanted to issue a warning to everyone because by about Wednesday, nothing was getting by me. Nope. I'm having calls with the head of Moms Demand Action to set up a gun control advocacy group here in Edina, I'm chatting with the superintendent and trying to get him to commit to show up and speak to a couple hundred angry moms about his plans to keep our kids safe, and I think I also had the final straw with Davis' teacher this week so we're chatting next week (with the principal) about how we are going to help Davis get more help in school so I don't have to supplement with teachers and purchase my own curriculum for the mini home school we've developed due to lack of action on her part. And this is supposed to be one of the best schools, in the best districts, in the country. And he is on an individual education plan- meaning he is already flagged for needing extra help- and if I can't get you to respond to my request for a conversation for weeks at a time- then we're going to have a different conversation.

So that's what I've been up to. You just reach a point where there's no more time for messing around. And I'm there. So, yeah, heed this as a warning because I am NOT mincing words these days. If you want something done right- I guess you really do just have to do some of them your damn self. HA!

But in the midst of it- I've realized this week that I have a pretty good network of friends and resources here. They aren't my family or my lifetime friends- but I've needed to vet a few ideas and issues with people here lately- and so I've reached out in ways I typically wouldn't- and people have really shown up. It's really given me an extra boost of energy after feeling down. And honestly- it furthers my realization that the more you share and the more vulnerable you are, the more real your relationships get.

I sometimes have a hard time opening up to people. I know what you are thinking- I DO have a lot of friends and I can and DO chat with everyone- but I would also say that there are only a handful of people that really know me well- beyond my family. I'm cautious about people. Not because I believe the worst in people- but more because I realize that you can't always expect the same things back from people that you give them. And for me- I don't need a ton of someone's time, I'm not really a needy person, like I said- I don't really share or expect that much from most people- but if I am going to invest time or pieces of myself- I do need to feel like a person has my back, and that when I need them to, they will show up for me. As I would show up for them.

You also might not believe that I am an introvert. But I am. And I get a lot of shit from all my friends here because one day, after taking this analysis and finding out that I am an introvert, I barged into work and said "YOU GUYS. I HAVE NEWS. I AM AN INTROVERT." And I've never lived it down. BUT IT'S TRUUUUUUUUE.

An introvert is someone who gets their energy from being alone. That doesn't mean they don't enjoy being with people- it just means they have to retire back to their space and some silence to get recharged. That's me. To a tee. Actually- I bet some of you reading this already know that...but people here don't believe me. 

Anyway. This week has flown by. As you can imagine- I haven't had much time to twiddle my thumbs- but I still can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow. I feel like yesterday was MONDAY. 

Each day I run from meeting to meeting to meeting. The sprint starts at 9:00 (at work anyway) and goes right until 5:00. And sometimes I could have up to 14 meetings in a day. 8 hours. 14 meetings. CRAZY. And when I get a gap in meetings- that's when I call the superintendent. Or the doctor to refill Ds meds. Or the tutor to schedule the next meeting. That's why time flies. And that's okay. As long as I don't wake up tomorrow and realize I'm 50. HA!

Okay this post has been all over the board. Just like me this week. Sorry about that. Love you all. Gotta run.