Up and Down.

The weather here has been very bizarre lately...Saturday was so warm and sunny, I thought to myself "Is it 50 degrees out? In February? That's what this feels like..." and then I looked at the temp and it was 34. HA! I would have never believed you had you told me five years ago that 34 could ever feel anything but frigid. It's all relative, right? 

Anyway- not the point. Then the next day it was about the same temperature, but gray, and it felt like it was probably 25. And then today was about 20 with tons of snow and ice. I have been feeling like it's a bit schizophrenic- but I thought it was just me so I mentioned it the other day and everyone I work with was like "Yeah- this is insane for February. It's supposed to be pretty set and starting to feel a bit warmer." 

So anyway. How Minnesotan of me to spend two paragraphs talking about the weather. :-)

Last week was a ringer, so when I went out to dinner and a movie with my girlfriend Ellie, and it was over at 9:15, I was ready to go home and get in bed. And I did. Same for Saturday. We both got into bed around 9:30 and fell asleep. I don't know if we have seasonal depression or if we're just tired but we were asleep each night before 10. I only wish I was sleeping well. I can't shake the recent shooting. It's keeping me up at night and I have just become infuriated by the lack of action by our government and frankly- by the people of the US. 

I guess that is what prompted me to post something on an Edina Moms Facebook page- not really expecting anyone would respond. Well- two days and almost 350 comments later- the moms of Edina are waiting on me to help organize some action around gun reform and safety in the Edina schools. SO. I now have that on my plate. At least I will feel like I'm doing something. It's the apathy of the nation that allows the gun laws to stay the way they are, and the politicians to continue to accept money from the NRA. 

Anyway. That is keeping me up at night. 

So, back to more optimistic and interesting things...we took the kids to the Walker museum on Sunday. I wasn't sure how it would go, but all in all, it went well. They enjoyed the sculpture garden the most- and I'm sure all of the other attendees appreciated the snowball fight that ensued between the Bennett boys.

My favorite sculpture is the blue rooster. I love it. It's the BEST blue and I like farm animal art. I don't know why. I just do. 

walker 3.jpg
walker 2.jpg
walker 4.jpg

We love all the memes and pictures of people trying to interact with the art- like the people who stand in front of the leaning tower of pisa with their arm out- like they are the one holding it up. We make fun of these things all the time- so of course we try to do our own anytime we see the chance. Here are Davis and Holden holding up the Minneapolis spoon and cherry. LOL.

walker 5.jpg

This was one of my favorite pieces of art in the cuban exhibit. I loved it.

walker 1.jpg

The kiddos have been so inseparable lately. They giggle all day- until someone is crying. They horse around, they play make believe. I love it.

It was a great outing- I'm glad we did it!