Fe BOO uary

February is the worst month. And I've always felt this way- so just imagine how much harder February is when you live in the bold north and its still winter outside and you know that you have a great deal of winter left. It's so interesting. Every year I have all these irrational thoughts, like "Ugh. I hate my job. I need to quit." or "This place is the worst. I want to move." or even as big as "Am I even doing anything interesting with my life? I should move to Mexico City and take up embroidery."

And the angel on my shoulder says "Sam, you say this every year and then about mid March you realize you were just winter-crazy." But then the devil on my shoulder is like "No girl. You mean it this time. You are totally validated and you should just burn this whole situation down and start over." 

So that's where I am right now. Just one second away from being lost in the cold, gray, desperation that is winter here in February. SO. What did we do? We booked a trip to Mexico for spring break. And seriously- it has given me such joy- even just thinking about it. 

So next we just have to get the kids passports and count down the days and we will be on our way. Sunny days on warm beaches, with margaritas a-plenty. I cannot wait. 

In separate news- Davis and Holden have said some funny things I want to remember lately...last night we watched the snowboarding finals where one of the guys had a HUGE wipe out on the half pipe. So huge that I actually shouted when I saw it happen. After shouting, I kept saying things like "Oh no. Poor guy. He worked so hard to get to the Olympics and now he is hurt." Davis was so intrigued by the situation- he couldn't get over it- and at one point, he looked at me and said "He is so poor. I can't believe he fell like that." HAHAHAHA.

It kills me that he has taken "poor guy" or "poor thing" and occasionally will say "he (or she) is so poor..." when he is talking about someone in a sad state. I love it.

And Holden, the other day said to me "Mom, did you know there is a gogre that lives underneath a bridge and tries to get you?" Bennett said "A gogurt?" (which is a kind of kids yogurt...and she said "NO DAD" with such an annoyed tone, "a GOGRE."

She's trying to say "ogre." :-) I love it.

Anyway. I do love Valentine's Day so things aren't all dismal, but I just had to make note of this month that can't get over fast enough. 

Love to you all!