Ski Jammers

I was very nervous last week leading up to Holden's first day of Ski Jammers. I was worried she would hate it, get discouraged easily, her skis would be too long (they are hand me downs from D), that it would be so freezing cold she would get frost bite, that she would get lost...all these things. So imagine that it was still -5 when it was time to drop Holden and Elsa for a bus ride with a bunch of instructors and chaperones I don't know, to a ski resort I've never been to, with hundreds of kids, most of which are far older than them. They are the youngest in the bunch at six years old. I was nervous.

I shouldn't have been. Holden LOVED it. She was so proud of herself and the way she talks about it makes me think she actually really enjoyed the act of skiing. I know I sound surprised by this- it's mainly because she can be a bit of a whiner. She can give up easily. And she's kind of been a complainy-pants lately that asks for help with each and every thing, long before she's actually tried any problem solving herself. In fact, the other day I said to Bennett "How can it be that I, of all people, have such a princess as a daughter?" 

So we were super proud and surprised with how accomplished she felt after the day of skiing on her own. And how she can't stop talking about it and can't wait to go back. Just goes to show- you gotta give kids a little independence so they can push themselves, see how resourceful they are, and find out what they are truly capable of. 

Speaking of resourceful- when we get to the drop off we realized we forgot to pack Holden's ski goggles. She looked right at Elsa, then at me and said "Does Elsa have ski goggles?" And of course Elsa had little pink ski goggles with a fancy strap. Holden was so disappointed so I tried to explain to her that I would pack hers next time (I didn't mention that they are black and neon green as again they are her brothers).

Anyway. I sent her with a lunch and a $5 bill to buy some snacks. That's it.

When they showed up at the end of the day, she strode off the bus, with a big old smile and all of her gear...including a brand new pair of fancy pink ski goggles. I looked at her and said "Holden! Where did you get those ski goggles?" and without skipping a beat she said "I buyed 'em." I DIED. I have no idea how "She buyed em" but I clearly don't need to worry about her getting what she needs.


She leads a lovely life. Oh to be Holden Eloise. :-)