Holiday Highlights.

We had the best little holiday. We stayed in Minneapolis for Christmas for the first time- and it was really so lovely and even more special than I had hoped. My favorite things, ahead of leaving for Texas, included: making christmas cookies and then delivering them with carols to a few of our friends on christmas eve day...we sang the 12 days of christmas between every stop and laughed maybe more than we sang because we couldn't remember any of the days. 12 lords a leaping? 9 ladies dancing? I don't know. The kids now get in the car and ask if we can "sing that song" with the days. And you can't imagine people's faces when we showed up at their houses singing, with cookies. It was so fun.


These two were so wound up making cookies- they just couldn't stop smiling and laughing. It was really a fun memory to make.

Then Christmas eve night, we went out to dinner at this cute little Italian restaurant we have been wanting to try. The meal wasn't without some drama- the kids were excited for Santa to come, and just wanted to go home, but we still had fun. I think it was a special little dinner out.


We didn't dress them to match on purpose- but they sure look cute.


We didn't get a picture all together- but got a few of each of us...


And then on Christmas morning- we opened gifts. And Santa did these kids well. He brought snow tubes for sledding- if it ever snows enough this year. And legos, and dolls and nintendo switch games, and crafts. It was really fun. And we spent the whole day in our pajamas and didn't leave the house- because it was about TWO degrees out.


If you're wondering how we ended up with the blue tinsel tree- that's what happens when your real tree gets so dry you have to take it down and start over. So we had two trees this year...

One of my favorite things about staying home for the holiday was that we had so much time to do special things- we could wrap presents, put them under the tree, do gingerbread houses, set up God's Farm...


Holden loves traditions- and she loves the manger scene (God's Farm) that nanny gave her. She likes setting it up- but she enjoys playing with it even more. She loves the angel hanging over head, she loves that baby Jesus can come out of his bed and Mary can hold him...she thinks it is as special as I know my nanny hoped she would, if not more.

So we had some really special days ahead of the holiday- oh and for my birthday we were supposed to go out to dinner with four couples at this new restaurant- but we couldn't even find a stranger to watch our kids- so we had them over for dinner and drinks- and the kids were home and they were great so it was so fun.

And then yes, we had even more fun in I'll write about that soon!