Goofing Around.

Bennett left for Whistler this weekend, so I had another weekend at home with the kiddos. I certainly don't love weekends without Bennett, especially back to back ones, it's a lot of work and it can also be kind of lonely...but they have gotten better. I think it's a combination of the kids getting older and also feeling more at home here. The first couple years when I would be at home by myself, we had zero plans, nowhere to go, no one to see, no one texting or calling me...and now, even if we don't do all the things, it feels nice and like home to know I have options.  And usually- we do have plans- which I typically like too.

I haven't been feeling really well lately- I feel like our house has had some version of sickness for the last month or two- but really that's how everyone is here. It has been a really sick season- there are always people out at work- either for themselves or their kids. So I've just been trying to tough it out. But Saturday, my chest was hurting so bad, and I slept for three hours straight. Little D was home with me- and he didn't wake me once. In fact, he kept leaning over to kiss me on the forehead. I guess he was thrilled to be playing his Switch that whole time- but still. I woke up feeling better yesterday- but I still sound horrible and can't kill my constant cough. 

So, Arizona on Thursday will be perfect for me. Honey is coming into town Wednesday, and then Bennett and I go to Scottsdale Thursday and come back Friday. He is going for work- and I am just tagging along because I found a cheap flight and I need some heat. Imagine a few days, alone, with nothing to do but read, sleep, hang by the pool and maybe do some shopping! Heavenly, right? Jan/Feb trips somewhere warm are truly mandatory. Not optional.

Anyway- here are some pictures from this weekend:


Saturday mornings: Holden gets ready for Ski Jammers and D builds Legos while waiting on his tutor, Jessie to come over. Tutoring is going great by the way! He loves Jessie and goes right along with whatever she asks. I wish she could cover math too, but alas, she is a reading specialist. 


Elsa's dad drove them to Mankato and stayed and skiied that day so she brought her doll Kit, along. Zach (Elsa's dad) got a great video of them skiing- I will try to post it on the blog.


Sunday morning I made them go get flu shots and then go to church- so they thought it was basically the worst morning ever. But we managed to make it fun nonetheless.


Hanging out at CVS.


Still hanging out at CVS, waiting for flu shots.


And STILL hanging out at CVS. But we got the flu shots and even made it in time for church. The sermon was about generosity yesterday and it was super impactful. We go to a presbyterian church in the heart of Edina- and the pastor is very bold and honest in how he talks about that. He said something like "We live in an area where the level of affluence is going up, and the level of joy is going down. There has to be some tie to that." And his main point was that until you are able to give freely of your things, your time, your skills, your money, you are a slave to wanting and thinking you need more. 

He also talked about comparison quite a bit. And that line "Comparison is the thief of joy..." and he talked about how we constantly compare ourselves to others- and maybe someone got something they didn't deserve and we think "well why didn't I get that?" or "what does that mean about me?" and he made it very clear that what other people have/get/do, how they are treated, etc. has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. 

He also talked about how everyone in the sanctuary probably feels like their kid is pretty special. Maybe they're super smart, or talented...and then he looked at the room and said "Don't forget- that your kid was born on third base. The kids in North Minneapolis are just as strong, smart, talented...they're just desperately trying to get off the batting mound." 

Anyway- it was really meaningful to me so I thought I would share.

More tomorrow!