Snow Day.

We have lived here for almost five years- and we have never had a snow day. Until today. It snowed so hard from 9 am to 9 pm last night. In my five years here- I've seen a lot of snow flutter down, but yesterday's snow was quite a bit more aggressive. It was coming down sideways. 

I stayed at work until 5 and when I was driving home, there were cars stuck in the road at every corner. It was CRAZY. I drove slow and thought of my mom and how she met her best friend Dawn when her car got stuck on the side of the road and a man named Dick stopped to help her- then introducing her to his wife, Dawn! 

When I got home, Bennett and the kids (plus everyone else on the street) were out on the driveway shoveling snow and running back and forth to see and talk with all the neighbors. I came pulling up and Holden ran up to my door shouting "I'm playing with my friends!!" with a shriek of glee. There are two girls across the street who are about 12 and 14 and Holden would play with them every day if she could. She doesn't understand why they wouldn't just as likely spend all their time with their six year old neighbor as they would their friends from school. 

I wish I could capture the feeling of the night. There was such an excitement in the air- it's been a long time since we got snow like that and everyone was out shoveling and talking to neighbors they haven't really chatted with since September. And the light was just beautiful. The evenings are staying lighter longer- and some of our neighbors Christmas lights are still up- so those dim lights reflecting off the white snow just seemed like a perfectly lit scene. Warm, golden, enchanting.

The kids were so excited and I could just tell that this would be a memory for them. I couldn't capture it well in pictures- so you will just have to visualize it. Probably better that way.

Davis begged me to make hot chocolate for all the neighbor kids and was so proud to bring them each a mug full. "Holden- we need to offer it to them first!" 

Even Bennett and I felt like kids again.

d snow.jpg
h snow 3.jpg
H snow 2.jpg

And then today- even though our roads were plowed by 6:30 am, school was delayed, and then called off all together, so the kids are having a REAL stay home from school snow day. I covered the morning, and Bennett is covering the afternoon. The kids were thrilled.


Such a fun couple of days! I think it's pretty fun to live in a place with four seasons- at least when it's not -10. That's been the other fun thing- it's been warm. Like 30s and it's not miserable.

That's all for now.