We are expected to get up to six inches today. And everyone has left work but I am just looking out the window, dreading going outside. So I'm taking advantage of everyone being gone...and getting a few things done. 

Bennett went to Lake Mille Lacs this weekend with Murphy's husband, Justin. I think they had a great time, though they didn't catch any fish until the last day- and they only caught one total. The weather here has been beautiful, like 45 degrees, which is unheard of...especially considering that last week was in the negatives. BUT- this weather isn't good for being on the lakes. Bennett said that the lake was cracking and the front end of a few cars fell into the ice and had to be pulled out with tow hitches. Justin said that in all of his years ice fishing, he has never seen that happen. Global warming, people. It's very scary. Anyway- he made it home safe and sound yesterday afternoon and we all cozied up to watch the big Vikings game last night. We were SO excited. And just as quickly as we got on the Vikings bandwagon, the curse struck again, and we lost in a most devastating way. BAH. I really wanted the Vikings to be able to go to the super bowl in their hometown. Alas...

This week is pretty low key. Bennett leaves for Whistler this weekend (I'm jealous- I wish I could go) but other than that, we don't have much going on. It's kind of nice actually. I was just in Vancouver Thursday and Friday for work- had to do some presentations for the Best Buy Canada team. I was there less than 24 hours, but it was a good trip. Worth the travel. 

Well I'm kind of boring today- guess I will just hit the road and make the slow drive home. I think we'll play in the snow, which will be fun.

More tomorrow!