More Holiday Highlights


So, 5 (almost 6) and 8 are the ages when kids can sit together without an adult in the aisle and not burn the whole place down. These two have become really great travelers (hello technology!) and this time on our way to Texas, Bennett and I sat across from them and actually napped on the way there. At one point, I woke up, looked over and Davis had ordered himself a sprite and Holden a Fanta. Smooth. They were quite proud of themselves.

We got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents and had so much fun talking and playing chinese checkers. I have always been super close with my grandma and grandpa- and it makes my heart burst with joy to see how much Davis and Holden love them and visa versa.

Little D and Gpa.jpg
H and Nanny.jpg

Holden and nanny played tic tac toe and Holden showed her all of her toys. Holden loves how much nanny likes birds and talks about her every time we see a bird she thinks might be a hummingbird. 

D and Gpa.jpg

Chinese checkers is pretty fun. I haven't played it in years- but it's actually one of the few games I enjoy. I know it's weird. It seems like only non-fun people would NOT like games. But I'm pretty fun and I don't really love playing games. I'm not sure why. I get bored easily I guess. And I don't especially love to act things out or draw things and guess. I don't know. Just isn't my bag, baby.


Gosh I love this pic of these three. So happy!


And of course we got to spend time with Honey- which we always love. I think we look a lot alike here. Twins!