2nd Grade

I know I haven't even updated on Puerto Rico yet- it was AMAZING- but today was Davis' first day of school and I am about to go pick him up. And tomorrow is Holden's first day of kindergarten- though she did meet her teacher this morning. They were both so excited this morning- it made me very happy. We listened to Michael Jackson's "BAD" the whole way to school and Davis told me not once, but twice, that he wasn't going to have a GOOD school year, he was going to have an AWESOME school year. :-)

Here are a few pictures from this morning:


She really prefers to smile with her mouth closed- I am not sure why- but she does it a lot lately. It makes me laugh.


I had to say "Show me your teeth, Holden!" And this was all I could get.


Davis insisted on doing his signature pose in the tree again this year- love it.


How do I have an almost 8 year old that is in the 2nd grade? Not to mention, my baby is starting kindergarten. WHAT? I'm far too young for that. It's insane.