Part II.

Puerto Rico was so beautiful- I have been like a walking ad for Puerto Rico tourism since we've been back. So, you can imagine how focused I was on Hurricane Maria and the disaster that is the aftermath. It's so sad. It's such a small island and they are already in such a horrible financial situation. And for sure we treat them like the red-headed stepchild so I can't imagine that as a country we will be putting our best effort into helping them rebuild. It's very sad. I feel very lucky to have been able to enjoy the beauty of PR ahead of the storm.


We went to see the San Felipe Del Morro fortress- it was beautiful but SO HOT. You can see on the beans faces that they were less than into it- just due to the heat. Gotta get em some culture somehow.


The kids LOVED Puerto Rico- I have never seen Holden more excited than she was playing on the beach. She jumped right in, dove into the waves, and loved the whole experience. And Davis, while he hates the sand and the ocean, had a great time swimming and eating ice cream.