On to The Next Thing...

There is always something happening at the Bennett house. So while I'm catching up, let's jump from Duluth to Chicago. Bennett and Davis have been doing Jiu Jitsu since about April. Bennett is crazy into it (as you can imagine) and recently signed up for his first tournament. Again- it sort of snuck up on us- and next thing you know, he was getting home from a week-long trip to Detroit and Charlotte (for the PGA Championship- poor guy) on Friday morning, and then packing up for the tournament Friday afternoon.

We had thought about everyone going- but I was signed up for a race and also, we didn't have a place for Pico. Plus- I had been traveling for the three previous weeks (Texas, New York, Duluth)...so we decided Bennett would just go. Or so we thought. And then Holden heard that he was leaving again...and he was going to stay in a hotel...and she had the opportunity to PACK...and it was all just TOO much. She had to go. We told her it was a 7 hour drive. And that she would have to sit in a gym for two days with a bunch of wrestling jiu jitsu guys...and that Davis and I were going to go have pizza with the Ohmes that night...but SHE INSISTED.

And next thing you know- she was in the car before anybody could say BOO. 

And she was incredible the whole way. And she helped Bennett bring home a third place medal! Yahoo!

Meanwhile, Davis and I hung around town...swimming, eating ice cream, sleeping in, fighting virtual dinosaurs at Dave & Busters...and we even went to a trampoline park with his buddy, Griffin.

It was another great weekend. And I know what you are thinking...how are we always going going going? Well, sometimes I ask myself that too. It is so fun, but can also be exhausting. And keep in mind- a lot of our trips are actually work trips. Or they start that way. Or we are working while on fun trips. I guess that's part of it...work never stops. I've never worked as hard or as much as I currently do- in my life. So might as well pepper in ME/US things too.

And to that point- we leave for Puerto Rico Saturday. :-)