Just the Two of Us

A couple of weeks ago, Bennett and I were supposed to go out on a double date with some friends of ours, sans kids. Because they don't have kids they don't really realize what it means to cancel on someone last minute that HAS kids. However, I almost never complain about having a sitter and a date night out...so we just took lemons and made really sweet lemonade. It was a BEAUTIFUL summer night, so we started with a drink downtown and then walked to one of our favorite restaurants in the North Loop. 

Luckily we paused to snap a selfie on the bridge. We often forget to do this and I'm glad we captured this one. You can see how beautiful the night was and you can also see that we were having fun.

And then the next week- we had one of the most fun events of the summer. Early in the summer, Bennett mentioned that one of his favorite musicians (Chris Stapleton) was playing in Duluth. On a Thursday night. So, back in May, we bought tickets, we booked one of our overnight sitters, and then, honestly, I sort of forgot about it. I'm not really a major fan of Stapleton...but it's rare that Bennett specifically wants to do something like that- so I wanted to make sure it happened and that it was fun.

Oh my gosh was it fun. We left around noon, drove in the rain to Duluth (about three hours), checked into the hotel, and then decided to go check out a local brewery that is pretty popular in Minnesota- Bent Paddle Brewery. The place was packed so I asked these two guys if we could saddle up next to them at the community table...only to have Bennett tell me later that it was totally NOT a community table. Luckily- we picked two of the nicest up north Minnesota guys alive. Ted and Eric. We sat and laughed and drank with them until we were almost late to the show. They were so fun. The whole thing was so fun.

Then we went to the show- and it was a pretty small venue- with great sound and not a bad seat in the house. 

We called Ted and Eric after the show but they weren't up for karaoke. Probably better for us...as we had a 4th meal and went to bed instead. Then we woke up around 10, grabbed breakfast and thought "What should we do before we have to drive back and pick up the kids at 5:00?" Bennett mentioned that Gooseberry Falls was about an hour away- so we figured why not.

We drove to Gooseberry Falls. We got out. We hiked to the falls. We saw the falls and then we drove back to Duluth and then back to Minneapolis in time for pick-up.

It is really pretty up north. Now, I don't know that I would ever drive four hours to go to Gooseberry Falls- but it was perfectly worth it for just a bit of a longer drive since we were already up there.

We had the best trip. And then right as we rolled into Davis' school to pick him up- the phone rang- and it was the head of Kids Club, letting us know that he had a headache and was throwing up. So there you go. Right back to reality.

At least we still had the weekend- and Davis was fine by the next morning. I seriously am so thankful for that weekend- Bennett and I haven't had any time alone together since January. And it just makes you feel like yourself again.