We had the BEST long weekend, celebrating the summer and the fourth of July. Because the 4th fell on a Tuesday, everyone basically had the Monday and Tuesday off and it felt like a really long time off- in a good way. Don't get me wrong, come Tuesday night, I was ready to get back in the routine and back to work, but we had a really good four days together. 

Here are a few pictures from the parade- and then I'll share some more in a couple days of when we went to my friend Ellie's house on the lake! Nothing says Minnesota summer like spending a day on the lake- in water that is almost too cold to swim in. 

How cute are these little patriots? Davis looks so big to me lately- I even feel like his face shape is changing. It seems to be getting rounder. And he just looks older. It's nuts. Slow down time.

Holden and Sierra- one of Ellie's two little girls. Holden insisted on bringing her gold basket from Rachel's wedding.


And this little one in front- Avery- is the daughter of one of the gals on my team. We had a few people over ahead of the parade for breakfast and bloody marys and then walked down to the parade. It was really fun.

And then of course we went swimming later that afternoon! We had so much fun, and then we've been back at work the past two days and then tomorrow we are taking off because KATIE AND RAY AND THE KIDS ARE COMING!!! My best friend/college potluck roommate! We are all so excited. So we have another fun weekend ahead.

My grandma asked me if I fit any work in around all the fun and I just said "Here and there!"

MUAH! More later.