A Week In the Life...

We are farmers! Look at us- growing tomatoes, harvesting them and eating them within minutes! Holden is so proud- she helps me water them every day and she is constantly checking to see if there are any red ones. D had fun helping us too- he doesn't eat them so it's less rewarding- but he loved popping them off the vine.

This picture cracks me up- Davis is starting to look so different to me lately. His face is changing shape, I think, his body is becoming more meaty, and the hulk-like way he is standing reminds me of his dad in junior high. 

We also spent time on a real farm this week- we went back to the Two Pony Garden farm where they served pizzas off a stone wood-fired grill. SO good. 

And we did jiu jitsu, and Holden had a birthday party, and then Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pool with the Ohmes.

And then this week I am hustling to cram five days (or really ten) of work into three days so we can go to Texas Thursday. We are SO excited! The kids cannot wait and I have been using it as a threat to keep those crazies in line all week. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Separately- Holden got a card in the mail from my grandma this week and she is so proud of it- she opened it and set it on her shelf and then said she was going to bring it to Texas to thank her for it. When I read it to her she said "Well that is the nicest thing I've ever gotten in the mail..." just like a little adult. HA!

And Bennett has already been in both Kansas City and Boston this week- went to a Royals game and is at a Red Sox game tonight. Spoiled rotten these people. :-)