You have no idea what level fashionista we have on our hands with miss Holden Eloise. Sure, I get it, many little girls like to wear dresses and they begin to care more about selecting their own outfits...but Holden's obsession with fashion goes far beyond these typical things.

1) She has her own very distinct look. It's all about layers. If she could- she would wear leggings underneath a skirt, paired with a cute top and a cardigan or sweater layered over it. And that works most of the year- but it's actually (FINALLY) hot here and wearing leggings and layers of sweaters (sometimes wool) don't make the most sense. But she loves it, insists on wearing it, and she really does look cute.

And yes, sometimes she insists on carrying not one, but TWO purses. 

2) She gives me fashion advice. Seriously- my closet is in the basement and I usually fix her a bowl of cereal to eat while I go down and get dressed...and inevitably, she either comes down to see what I'm thinking about choosing, or she waits for me to come up, and she says "Come here- let me see what you're wearing..." and then she takes it all in and either gives a nod of approval or says something like "I'm not sure about those shoes..." And the craziest thing is that more often than not- she is RIGHT!

3) Choosing clothes is really the only time we consistently argue. She has her go to outfits that she would like to wear each day- and when they are not available, weather appropriate, or what I would like her to wear to a certain event- it is a SHOWDOWN. Girlfriend is opinionated and stubborn. We started laying clothes out the night before so we didn't start each day with an argument- and that helps- but now she realizes she can change her mind. OH LAWD GIVE US STRENGTH with this one.

4) She had a total meltdown the night before graduation because she didn't feel she had the right dress for graduation. For real. Real alligator tears over it. And perhaps I am encouraging it because I let her pick out a new one- but I do get that a girl wants to feel just right on her special day. 

Ever the adventure with miss Holden Eloise.