Cap & Gown.

We have a little graduate on our hands! Holden Eloise graduated from Primrose on June 1st. It was really the cutest ceremony- they walked up to the stage with "Pomp & Circumstance" playing and they sang a few songs, the teachers spoke (and cried- how sweet are they?!?!) and then the kids accepted their diplomas. Holden was SO proud. Especially because Honey was there to watch. 

She got a new outfit for the event- so she very quickly took her cap & gown off after the ceremony. She is SUCH A FASHIONISTA!!

Holden & Bennett Ohme.

Holden and her favorite teacher, Ms. Kurtz.

Holden and her best bud, Oliver. How cute are they? Every time he sees me he says hello and asks how I am doing. He also tells his mom (and Holden) that he is going to marry Holden one day.

Me and My Girl. 

The four of us! Its nice to have my mom here- we never have family here for events like this...and it's also nice to get a picture of the four of us...where we're all looking at the camera. :-) So proud of our little graduate!