No Offense.

Lately, Davis likes to tack "no offense" on to anything he says that might be considered rude. He uses it in the funniest ways. I guess it kills me that he has found this freedom in saying things that are maybe not so nice, by tacking "no offense" on to it.

For example, this morning he told me that he would like to have our house once Bennett and I die. I looked at him with wide eyes, and he just goes "No offense..."

So there you go!

Today is a super busy day at work- but this weekend is going to be lots of fun. Tonight, Krissy and Patrick (and their kids) are coming over for dinner. Tomorrow, Holden and I have haircut appointments, and then in the afternoon we are going over to Ellie and Derek's house- they live on a lake and last year when we went, Davis caught about 8 fish. No plan Sunday- probably going to do some yard work and go swimming, and then Monday we are going to the Frend's house for dinner, and then Tuesday is the parade! 

Hoping for a hot weekend with lots of swimming. June is gone and we've hardly had any warm (non-rainy) days. So I'm crossing my fingers. Have a great 4th of July weekend.