This One.

Yeah. She's cute. And to her core, she is sweet and kind. But lately...she is a real pill. So whiney. So defiant. So damn stubborn. She really might be the most stubborn person in this family- and that is saying A LOT. The clothes situation has really reached a fevered pitch. She has so many cute summer clothes that she is simply refusing to wear. She wants to wear dresses each day- but only dresses with long sleeves- and she wants to pair these dresses with leggings. Is her closet full of new, never worn summer dresses and adorable jumpers in many colors? Yes. Does she have tens of adorable summer tank tops and flouncy shirts that still have tags on them? Yes. Does she insist on leggings with a layered, multi-colored, neon tutu that my grandparents gave her over two years ago over the top? YES. ALL THINGS YES. She is so stubborn and she cares so much about fashion. It was cute at first- but it's getting a little old. I bet her teachers think I am crazy sending her to school in long sleeved dresses with leggings. 

Oy vey Holden Eloise. She really is taking on her namesake- and she loves to read Eloise books every night and reminds me very often of how we need to go to New York to stay in the Plaza. And how once we are there we will have tea and ride a horse and carriage and SHOP till we drop.