Parties Galore.

Last weekend was filled with parties of all sorts. On Saturday Davis went to his friend Vishnu's birthday party and it was just fascinating to see how NOT a big deal it was for Davis that he was the only white kid there. Vishnu is from India and there were about 15 family members there dressed in traditional Indian attire, speaking with very thick accents, and it didn't even phase him. 

Then later that evening we went to my friend Lori's house (the one I met at Chick Fil A) for her four year old son's birthday party- where there was a bouncy house, a kids DJ, a full bar, catering, and ponies to ride on. It was like a kids birthday party on the Real Housewives show. And he had a blast at both. I love that he can have so many diverse experiences.

He loved that the DJ let him sing two solos in front of the whole crowd. Davis thought of that and arranged it himself and then came over to Bennett and I and said "I'm in. He's letting me do my song." It brought the house down.

Then Sunday he went to a friend's birthday party at the park and when we picked him up he was so upset because one of the kids punched him in the stomach. I reached out to the other parent via text, just to see if she could talk to her son and find out what happened, and also how they could get along better...and she didn't respond for two days. Then when she did respond- I could tell it was super curt and that she was feeling defensive. Which is so annoying because a) I met her at the pool last summer and was so kind to her because she was new to the area and didn't know anyone and b) I wasn't accusatory at all- just trying to understand what happened and figure out how to help them get along better. Because seriously- I know Davis starts stuff sometimes- they are boys. And our children are not perfect. Duh. The whole thing really bothered me. Parents can be so lame. Not Davis and I. But the rest of them. :-)

Anyway- fun weekend behind and fun weekend ahead. Hope you are enjoying better weather than we are. It was in the SIXTIES this past weekend. ??!!!!????