Cinco De Drinko.

Sorry to leave you with such a sad post last week- I went back and forth about writing it- but the truth is, though I do share this blog, the main purpose of it is for me to be able to look back and see how I felt about things as they in that case, these things are very important to document. 

Anyway- this will be an uplifting post as it's all about a Cinco De Mayo party we hosted Friday night. This is our third annual Cinco De Mayo party- and it's starting to carry quite a reputation. Last year, we moved in in April and then turned around and had the party on May 5th and we were putting boxes away and hanging lights right up until the doorbell rang. This year, we did a few more projects but they were more cosmetic and fun- things like changing the numbers on the house, hanging a new front porch light, and making Bennett work on the gazebo.

We had about 25 people show up and we had enchiladas and all the sides catered from the only good taco place in town- which is an authentic taqueria housed in an old gas station. Bennett made two flavors of margaritas and we also had every mexican beer under the sun. The best part of the whole thing was the weather- we couldn't have ordered more beautiful weather. It has been so rainy lately so the fact that the sky opened up and was the color of a bluebird peppered with cotton white clouds and butter yellow sun- was such a pleasant surprise. And it hit the 80s in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day.

So we had the party and my pals at Best Buy made up a large constituency, though we also had a few friends come from Edina (neighborhood/school/etc) and then a few friends from my previous agency job in downtown Minneapolis...but there was one couple that I invited that we barely knew. Mark and Karen. Their son goes to Davis' school and then I realized that the guy that looked so familiar to me at work was his dad, Mark. So we've chatted here and there and even had their son over for a play date but nothing really more substantive than that. But I could sense that Karen was super fun and I wanted to get to know her. So I invited them to the party.

And I told all my friends that they had to take turns talking to them because I was so worried about them being awkward and having no one to talk to...

Well, little did I know that they would be staying until 2:00 am, being the life of the damn party. We had SO much fun with them- and I couldn't have been more right about Karen. She was hysterical. And Mark wasn't a dud either- he was funny- when Karen let him get a word in edge-wise. She is tall, loud, stylish, funny, fiery, and smart. And at the end of the night I asked if we were best friends.

Murphy and Justin stayed till the end, Sofya and Dennis stayed till the very end- and our new best pals, Karen and Mark stayed till the end...and during conversation, we found out that Mark is coaching Davis' soccer team, and Holden and their littler son Reid will be in the same class next year. So here's to a summer of fun and new friends.

Stupidly, I didn't take any pictures of the people at the party- I was having too much fun...but I DID snap a few pics of the cinco de mayo flair.


Nikki sent me the papel picado- so bright and festive.

And can you believe that with all the festivities I didn't even get drunk or have a hangover the next day? I made an early decision to drink beer rather than margaritas and that really saved the situation. I knew with how potent (or stanky, as my friend Kelley says) the margaritas were, I would end up taking a left turn too early in the party, so I just stuck with Coronas. I'm so mature these days. 

And where were the beans? Well- I got this fabulous idea to book them a hotel room at the waterpark hotel and ask Jenny to take them (along with Elsa, her niece) for an overnight. It was the BEST IDEA EVER. We had fun, they had fun, all around win win. They are so spoiled...

In other fun friend news- the Frends (Jiu Jitsu friends) invited Davis to Griffin's upcoming birthday party. Good things happening with the friend situation here- I'm thankful!