Call the Watchtower.

The only thing bad about a long weekend is a super short week at work when you get back! But man, we had the best weekend. On Friday after school, Holden and Davis asked our neighbor boys to come jump on their new trampoline with them- that trampoline is actually the best investment I've ever made in my entire life. Davis wakes up and jumps in the morning before he gets dressed, then he jumps again after he gets dressed and eats breakfast, and then he jumps again when we get home after school. And they are so proud to have friends come jump on it. Holden likes it too- but not with the same fervor as my Mexican Jumping Bean, Davis.

Anyway- we had the boys over Friday, then Saturday Holden and I went to the farmers market with my friend Jackie for tomato plants. It was a beautiful morning and we had a blast.

Then Davis had jiu jitsu where he earned his first stripe on his belt. Will share pictures of that later. Then he had tutoring. And then we went downtown and they got haircuts. Before:

And After:

Looking sharp, am I right? And then Saturday night, Kelley, Elsa and baby Jack came over to play outside (jump on trampoline) and have dinner. Bennett grilled for everyone and we had the best time sitting on the patio, drinking wine, and watching the kids jump. It was an awesome evening. Since Bennett travels so much- I always try to invite my girlfriends (and kids) to do things when their husbands are traveling- as I know it gets tiring and lonely. 

Then Sunday we had the Frends over for the first time- and that was even more fun. They have two boys- Griffin is the one in Jiu Jitsu with Davis and then they have a younger one named Maddox. It was my first time meeting their mom, or spending any time with them as a family and I loved the mom- Kristan. We already have a wine date in mid-July. We have a lot in common, having moved here from other places, and each having boys with ADHD, etc, so I honestly felt like she was a fast friend. I love it when that happens.

And then Monday we went to Stillwater, MN! But I will tell you about that later.

Oh- so the reason I titled this "Call the Watchtower" is because all of the sudden when my phone or ipad or anything electronic, really, isn't working- Davis says "You better call the watchtower..." and I have no idea what he is talking about, but I nod and go along with it because I love it. HA!

More to come!