Plugged In.

Bennett left for Vegas on Saturday for his big annual conference...this time last year all my best gals came from Texas to spend the weekend with me and go to the Beyonce concert. Last weekend when we were all together, we all agreed that it was without doubt, one of the best weekends of our lives. This year, this weekend, I was at home with the kiddos and it rained the WHOLE weekend. Not just sprinkled, but really RAINED.

Anyway- I've had such a good weekend, with such a positive feeling. I'm really thankful. Yesterday, Holden and I took Davis to tutoring in the morning, and then we took him to his new friend, Griffin's, birthday party. While he was there, a friend of his called and asked if he could come over and play in the afternoon. Might not sound like a big deal, but two invites, in one day nonetheless, is unusual and so exciting. He was so happy about it, but I was maybe TWICE as happy FOR him. 

After his second play date, we went to the Y and I ran for a bit and then we swam. Then today, a gal on my team at work came over with her little girl, and we hung out and played, and then later today, we went over to the Ohme's for an hour or two to play and hang out.

And I just realized that I'm starting to feel plugged in. And it feels really nice.