Summer Soccer.

I signed both Holden and Davis up for summer soccer this year- I have missed the deadline every other year- you have to sign up way back in March for May...and keep in mind, it's still snowing in March, so there are no visual cues to let you know it might be time to sign up for soccer. ANYWAY- they have done soccer before- but through the YMCA and this year, we signed up through the Edina soccer association...which I think will be really fun because they organize teams by school, so we will hopefully get to know more parents and families. 

Holden's first game was Tuesday- she is on the Alligators. She was SO excited about it, packed her bag the night before, included two hats, her soccer uniform, two snacks, a full water bottle, and a couple "stuffies" (stuffed animals) to watch her play. Then we got there and she was tired out walking TO the field, and I was nervous it would be just like last year where she didn't really want to play and the coach had to hold her hand the entire game. But she did play and she even scored! Sure, it was on her own team...but it was a goal nonetheless! :-) Luckily, she was not the only one to score on her own team.

Anyway- she had a great time and I just LOVE watching I enjoyed it a ton. If I had a choice of sport for my kids to love- it would be soccer. Davis was supposed to play last night, but his game was rained out...

Here are some pictures of Holden and the Alligators.

She was a bit OVER IT in this picture- but I did get her back in the game...Holden does NOT like to get sweaty and it was a VERY humid day due to all the rain.