My gals.

I had the very best weekend in San Antonio with my closest girlfriends from Austin (except Kirsten- who is from Fred and lives in SA). It was a beautiful weekend- the grass is still green in texas, the skies are blue, and so was the pool at the hotel we stayed in. We laughed, we cried, we talked, we drank Salty Dogs, and we just had the best time.

I call this a Courtney sandwich...that's Courtney B on the left and Courtney L on the right. Between the 7 of us, there were actually THREE Courtneys. But more is definitely better than less when it comes to these Courtneys. Oh and that's Carrie in the middle.

From left: Brooke, Kirsten, ME, Courtney B.


Me and Courtney B.

What a great weekend! I also got spoiled when D and I returned home yesterday, on mother's day! Pretty lucky!