Weekend Fun.

Princess Belle and I went grocery shopping...

Holden's little buddy Oliver came over - they are standing in a hallway stairway into the attic that Honey helped her turn into a playroom. He thought it was super cool. They were the sweetest little friends to each other- he has such a big crush on her- it reminds me of Davis and Sloane. We sat down for lunch and he looked at her and said "Sorry I didn't bring you flowers..." HA!

We walked down to the creek to throw rocks...Oliver wore a ninja costume and Holden carried two purses. At one point he looked at her and said "Holden- let's run. Get your mom to carry your purses!" LOLOLOLOL.

And Davis also had a friend over- little Griffin from Jiu Jitsu. So what do you think they did together? 


And then on Sunday, D and I took care of a few things- went to IKEA, stopped at Target, and got D a big kid haircut.

Feeling pretty fresh...

And Holden and I had a tea party with her new IKEA tea cups and plates. Yes, maybe she did wear the same shirt two days in a row. You pick your battles!

Headed to LA tomorrow! Adios for now...